WPS Projector

What is Projector?

*This article only applies to the latest version of WPS Office for Android 9.2 (Kiwi Shake)

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Tools > File

When working on a spreadsheet, when you go to the File tab of the Tools Menu, you will see a new feature:

It's a new feature that our Development Team has been working hard on and is excited to present to you!

But it's not quite ready yet!

If you tap on this new feature, you will get this error message:

Why am I seeing this error?

This is because we haven't asked for permission to the Camera... yet.

We are currently testing this feature in certain areas, so that we can work out all of the bugs.  We work hard to make sure that we always provide you with the best quality products that we can!  Make sure to set WPS Office to auto-update in the Google Play store:

If you want to become a Beta Tester, you can follow the instructions in the Me Settings Menu

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