Android Menu Information and Features

Android Menu Information and Features:
From the Home Page, select the Overflow Menu (the three vertical dots at the top right):

This will give you access to the Personalization Menu, SharePlay, and Help & Feedback options:

Selecting “Me” brings up the Personalization Menu:

Select “Clear All History” to erase the list of opened documents on the Home Page:

Select Passcode to set a security code for WPS Office:

Select Theme to choose from four different colors for your WPS Office!

If you are logged in as a part of the WPS Community, go to the Member Center for special promotions and information!

Select About for more options:

WPS Office always recommends using the latest version, and you can Check for Updates without leaving the app.

If you are interested in beta testing WPS Office, join our group on Google+.

For Tips, Guides, Manuals, and other product information, select Support.

Tell your friends how much you are enjoying WPS Office on Facebook and Google+!

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Legal Information and our Privacy Policy can be found at the bottom of this menu.

Participate in our User Statistics program with Activation Statistics to help us continue to improve the app!

Participate in our User Statistics program with Usage Statistics to also help us continue to improve the app!

Shareplay is currently undergoing a redesign, but you can be sure that it will be worth the wait!

Select Help & Feedback to jump right in to our Android Quick Start Guide, tell us what features you would like to see added to WPS Office, give us Feedback on our app, or send an Error Report on any problems you may have encountered!

And of course, we love it when you love us, so Rate Us 5 Stars on the Google Play Store!


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