Mail Settings

How to set the mailbox notification sound:
Click [Menu] -> [Settings] -> [account] -> [Select ringtone]

How to quickly Mark as Read:
Hold down and right slide the current message in the message list page to quickly mark as read

How to turn off reminders:
Click [Menu] -> [Settings] -> [account] -> [System notification bar displays the new mail notification]

How to do bulk operations (Mark as Read, Delete):
To batch operate on mail, long press or tap the screen at the bottom multiple choice action bar

Mark all as Read:
In unread folder in the top right hand corner of the screen click a button labeled [read]

How to set up a Quick Response:
Click [Menu] -> [Settings] -> [account] -> [Quick Reply]

How to add a gesture password:
Click [Menu] -> [Settings] -> [gesture password] 


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