Incoming and Sent Mail

How to set up to receive messages only under WiFi:
Click [phone system settings] -> [Synchronization] -> [Synchronization only under wlan]

How to stop receiving mail:
Click [Menu] -> [Settings] -> [account] -> [Inbox check frequency] -> [never]

If mail fails to load when opening the mail box:
First, try to refresh the drop-down; If you still can not synchronize e-mail, click [Phone Setup] -> [Synchronization] -> [Start automatic synchronization]

To turn off new mail notifications:
Click [Menu] -> [Settings] -> [account] -> [System notification bar displays the new mail notification]

If mail is not syncing:
Click [Phone Settings] -> [Synchronization] -> [Start automatic synchronization]

To set up e-mail sync frequency:
Click [Menu] -> [Settings] -> [account] -> [Inbox check frequency] -> [time]

To view unread messages:
Click on the title bar of the message list on the right with digital number icon to see the unread messages in current mail folder

How to only receive message header:
Click [Setup] -> [account] -> [retrieve new messages size on mobile network] -> [Only Headers]

If your mail isn't sending:
Please view the [Sent] priority folder to confirm whether the message was sent. If not, click on the title bar to the right of [Sent] button.


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