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Android Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I copy/paste?

To Copy:
While in Edit mode, press and hold on a word, then drag the blue handles to the beginning and end of what you want. Then select the two-page symbol at the top.

To Paste:
Press and hold at the location you want to place the copied text. Select Paste. 

How do I delete/rename files?

File Management and Sharing

How do I save files to the SD card? (For Android 4.4 and earlier)
With the Android 4.4 release, Google banned all applications from saving on the external SD card.   You can still save to the on-board memory (SDcard0), then transfer the files over to your external  storage via the File Manager.  We were able to return this feature on Android 5.0  (Lollipop).
Do you support my language?

How do I add a font that you don’t include?
Unfortunately, at this time, due to Google deprecating the OpenID 2.0 login, this feature is unavailable.  We will be releasing a feature in the near future which will replace the old X-Plats system, but cannot give a specific date for it's addition to WPS Office.
Why doesn’t the app seem to recognize my font which is supposed to write from left to right?
You have to change the language of your Android device to the same as your font, then it will work the way it is 
supposed to.
How do I connect and share to Whatsapp?
While we are looking to expand our offerings and features in the future, that is not something we offer.  Right now we offer connection and sharing through Dropbox, Google DriveMicrosoft OneNoteBox, and Evernote.
Why can’t I edit PDF files?
We do not currently support this feature as PDF files are restricted by writer's copyright.  Because of this, it may 
be impossible to add edit function , however we will be adding the ability to add notes to PDF files in future 
Can I encrypt my files?
Yes, you absolutely can.  In Edit Mode, select Tools > File > Encrypt to add a password to your document.
I lost my password, how can I open my file?
Unfortunately passwords cannot be reset or recovered. This is for both security and legal reasons.  We apologize for any inconvenience.


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